Born in Ireland I grew up in the west of the country.  Surrounded by the stunning wild countryside of Connemara with its rugged and wild landscape.  It told a story of hard living and emigration.


Nine years ago I moved to Wexford.  At once I was struck by its lush green countryside steeped in history and beauty.

Cathy Keane

I became fascinated by this history that lay like a blanket on its fields and on out to its coast, just waiting for someone to pull it back and say “wait until you hear what happened here”.

Wexford is a unique county longing to be explored and that’s what I love doing.  I have been conducting tours of Wexford for many years.

I live for the days I have to go to ‘work’.  I never grow tired of talking about the county with its ancient castles, ‘big’ houses and maritime stories.

As we venture down lanes and boreens over hills and around bends you never know what you might happen on, an ancient ruin or a breathtaking view.

My tours are ideally suited for groups of 6 or more.  Private tours can also be arranged.

Accessing many of these wonderfully historic, interesting places can be tricky for larger vehicles.  My 14 or 16 seater minibuses are more practical.

They also make for a more intimate experience and one which I hope will remain with you long after you return home.

So why not come along the road with me?……